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As a valued member of First Federal, I appreciate the trust you have placed in us to provide financial products and services to you.  As concerns with the coronavirus continue to escalate, I wanted to provide information that will allow you to understand the actions that we are currently taking to ensure that you continue to have consistent access to our services.  Of the highest importance, we want each of our members to feel safe when using our offices or meeting with our employees.

In the coming days, and as supplies may be available, we are taking the following actions in each office:

  1.  Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.  We have placed a high priority on keeping all work areas and surfaces clean:  
  • Counters and desks are wiped repeatedly and frequently throughout the day
  • Express Teller Machines and coin machines are cleaned after use
  • Exterior ETMs/ATMs are cleaned frequently throughout the day
  • Restroom surfaces are cleaned daily
  1. Practicing healthy social habits
  • Our employees will refrain from handshakes or other courteous gestures to minimize physical contact
  • As supplies permit, having hand sanitizer available for member use
  1. Employee actions support our efforts
  • Our employees are committed to respecting the office environment by using only their personally assigned equipment such as headsets, keyboards, computer mouse or other frequently used office supplies and equipment.
  • Employees that may not be feeling well or incurring symptoms associated with bacterial or viral illnesses are requested to stay home to prevent any possible spreading of illnesses.  Our established policies accommodate time away from work for our employees, including paid sick leave and opportunities to work from home when possible.
  1. Support members that need our help.  Throughout our 94-year history, we have worked with our members that have faced financial struggles and we are prepared to assist members that may be experiencing financial stress due to work absences or other disruptions due to coronavirus matters.  
  2. Stay abreast of current events and information.  As the situation is evolving, we are constantly assessing the needs of our members and our employees in relation to the larger expectations of our communities.  We will continue to monitor developments and will take appropriate steps to ensure the continue safety of all our stakeholders. 

Taking the above steps into consideration, it is helpful to remind our members of the various ways in which our products and services are accessible from the convenience of your home, on your phone or wherever you may be:

  • Online banking supports balance inquiries, balance transfers, and online bill payment capabilities
  • Mobile deposit allows for making deposits from the convenience of your phone
  • Express Pay allows you to transfer money from/to your First Federal account from/to another financial institution
  • Card Valet and Text Alerts gives you up-to-date transaction information throughout the day
  • TextCU and ChatCU are ways you can communicate with us from your home or mobile device

Our commitment to our members and well-being is unwavering.  We will continue to communicate with our members as we learn of additional information during these fast-developing circumstances.