First Federal Credit Union

Protect Your Identity

Tips for Protecting Your Identity

Cyber criminals are constantly developing new ways to try and steal your personal and financial information. There are steps you can take to guard your financial information and keep it from falling into the wrong hands.


Avoid throwing away your financial records and statements! All First Federal Members are able to safely dispose of personal financial records through our secure document destruction and shredding service. There is no cost for this convenient service. 


Be sure to password protect all of your devices, and use unique, complicated passwords for your online accounts.


Never log in to financial accounts or shop online while using public Wi-Fi, and make sure to encrypt and password protect your Wi-Fi at home.


Review your credit reports and bank accounts periodically looking for suspicious activity and errors that could signify identity theft.


Consider purchasing an identity theft detection product that includes identity theft restoration. If you do become a victim of identity theft, you’ll be notified quickly and be able to lean on certified specialists to help restore your identity.

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