First Federal Credit Union

Express Teller Machines


Express Teller Machines – creating a new experience for our members.

Our focus is to provide members with the ability to use our services when, where and how they choose. Our new Express Teller Machines, or ETMs, allow our members to conduct transactions and use our services through a highly engaged real time video/audio interaction. ETMs are user friendly and provide our members with adequate privacy while carrying out their transactions.


How does an ETM Work?

ETMs use two-way video that will allow you to see the Teller while also allowing the Teller to see you. It also has a two-way speaker and a receiver to allow for a private dialogue while conducting your transaction. Your conversation is just as private as if you were talking to a teller in the branch. In order to complete any transaction, the live teller will guide you by giving instructions in real time without any delay.


Features of an ETM

ETMs perform the duties and functions that a live teller provides:

  • Conduct a transaction without your ATM card
  • withdraw amounts large or small, including change
  • deposit cash or checks without an envelope
  • transfer funds between your accounts and/or to other members accounts
  • make loan payments


ETM Security 

The transactions on our ETM is similar to doing a face to face transaction in the branch. Additionally, all the transactions are recorded. You will be asked to scan in your ID for proper identification, and a digital signature will authorize your transaction request. All these features make your transaction on a First Federal ETM very secure.

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