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Overdraft Defender

It's A Privilege For Our Checking Account Members

Unanticipated expenses or mathematical errors can leave your checking account short of cash. In addition, having a check returned due to insufficient funds is terribly embarrassing. 

We have created Overdraft Defender as a special privilege specifically for First Federal Credit Union checking account members whose accounts are in good standing. There is absolutely no charge for this service unless you use it. 


How Does it Work?

As long as you maintain your First Federal Credit Union checking account in good standing, we may, at our discretion, honor your overdrafts up to the limit assigned. If you use Overdraft Defender, the credit union will deduct its normal overdraft charge of $32.00 per item. We will notify you when an overdraft occurs. The notice will reflect the item(s) paid, as well as the credit union's charge for the overdraft item(s). It is important to subtract the fees from the balance in your checkbook.


Going Over Your Overdraft Defender Limit

Should you write checks that put you over your Overdraft Defender limit, the credit union may, at our discretion, return the check or checks to the payee(s). In addition, the insufficient funds fee of $32.00 per item will be charged to your account. 

If your checks are returned:

  • The merchant may charge you a fee when your check is returned unpaid and may be unwilling to accept checks from you in the future.
  • The person or vendor who accepted your check as payment may be charged a fee by his/her bank where he/she deposited your check.
  • Your credit rating may be adversely affected.


Transactions Covered By Overdraft Defender

Transactions which may, at our discretion, be honored under the Overdraft Defender privilege include:

  • Checks and other debits cashed at teller windows
  • ACH debit transactions (automatic payments)
  • Automatic loan payments
  • Checks issued to a third party


Overdraft Defender May Cover ATM and Debit Card Transactions

If you select the do option on the debit and ATM card authorization, your Overdraft Defender privilege may extend to transactions made at an ATM or with your Debit Card.  In the case of an ATM, the balance shown on your receipt will reflect your actual balance, not including your Overdraft Defender limit.


Overdraft Defender May Cover Eligible Accounts

Overdraft Defender privileges may be granted on checking accounts in good standing.


Repaying Overdrafts And Fees

You will be required to bring your checking account into a positive balance within 15 calendar days of your overdraft.  If, after 15 days your account remains in a negative position, we may close your account and take appropriate steps to recover funds advanced to cover your overdrafts, as well as the credit union’s fees.


Overdraft Defender Is In Force Today

Overdraft Defender privileges may start 30 days after you open your personal checking account.


Overdraft Defender Limits To determine your Overdraft Defender limit, refer to the chart below:

      Charity Checking                          $     500

      Choice Checking                          $     500

      Small Business Checking             $  1,500


Access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by using our Online Banking, Mobility App, or Audio Response Teller (ART).

The balance reflected through our Online Banking, Mobility, or ART services will not include your Overdraft Defender limit.

You may access your account at or call (319) 866-9933 anytime day or night, 365 days a year for ART.

If you have questions regarding your newly created Overdraft Defender privilege, or if you do not wish to have this new service available, don’t hesitate to see a Member Service Representative or call (319) 743-7806.

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