First Federal Credit Union

Certificates and IRAs

Save More Money For Your Future

Help your money grow fast or save for retirement by taking advantage of the Certificates and Individual Retirement Accounts available at First Federal Credit Union.


When you choose to invest in a Certificate from First Federal, you’ll not only receive a great rate, but you’ll also be able to choose how long of a term you’d like and how you’d like to use the funds once the Certificate reaches maturity. A few things about our Certificates:

  • Minimum opening deposit of $1,000
  • Terms available from 90 days to 5 years
  • NCUA-insured up to applicable limits



Save for Your Retirement

If you’re concerned about outliving your savings once you retire, you’re not alone. The sooner you start planning and saving for your retirement, the more you set yourself up for future success. First Federal Credit Union offers IRAs that not only help you save for your retirement, but also offer tax benefits. The benefits of an IRA include:

  • Contributions are tax-deductible (depending on income level)
  • Withdrawals can begin at age 59 ½ and are mandatory by 72
  • Funds can be used to purchase a variety of investments 
  • Funds withdrawn are reported as earnings
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