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CEO Tom Chalstrom          As much as we have all enjoyed watching Caitlin Clark’s amazing performances these past four years, I must say that I mostly enjoy watching the Hawkeye women players demonstrate the values of a team. In each game, you witness selflessness, accountability, support for each other – and just as important – smiles and even laughter and hugs.In almost every interview of Caitlin Clark, she recognizes the impact of her teammates and how she isn’t able to enjoy the level of success without their contributions. As anyone who has had previous success on a team will recognize, it isn’t necessarily the outcome that has a lasting impact, rather it is the process of developing, forming, learning, losing, and ultimately making the adjustments needed to find success as a team that is remembered long after the game is over. Our First Federal team – our employees - are not competing by attempting logo shots but still must work as a team to find success. Our success is when our members are successful - and it takes dedicated employees with all types of skills to be able to meet our members’ needs.Our Personal Bankers have a multitude of skills and can provide loan counseling or arrange certificates for maximum returns and safety of principle. Yet, as talented as they are, they need our loan processors or our compliance officer to provide guidance and actual support to ensure we are meeting our members’ expectations. Our version of a point guard – our Contact Center employees – guide the flow of member questions and concerns, and get the right employees involved for a particular question. No matter what the role, each of our employees is working hard to help our members succeed. That is the teamwork we want and our members expect. And that is a slam-dunk formula for success.

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Tom Chalstrom

President & CEO

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