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Effective December 01, 2017

New Vehicles

Model YearTermAPR as low as*
New36 months2.24%
New48 months2.74%
New66 months2.99%
New72 months3.99%
New84 months4.49%

Used Vehicles


Model YearTermAPR as low as*
2017-201336 months2.24%
2017-201348 months2.74%
2017-201366 months2.99%
2017-201372 months4.69%
2017-201384 months5.19%
2012-200848 months4.24%
2012-200860 months4.74%
2007 & Older36 months5.94%

Home Equity - Closed End

 TermAPR as low as*
<= 80% LTVup to 60 months2.99%
<= 80% LTV84 months3.49%
<= 80% LTV120 months3.74%
<= 80% LTV180 months4.24%

Home Equity Line of Credit - Variable APR

 TermAPR as low as*
<= 75% LTVup to 180 months4.00%
>75% to 80% LTVup to 180 months4.50%
> 80% to 90% LTVup to 180 months5.00%


TermAPR as low as*
up to 60 months12.00%


*Loan rates listed above show the best rate and applies to those borrowers with an excellent credit rating. Your rate may vary based on personal credit history. The Annual Percentage Rate you receive will be based upon credit, equity and term. Please call or apply online to have us calculate your rate. All rates subject to change without notice. Loan rates include a discount of 0.50% APR for enrollment of direct deposit and automatic loan payments from a First Federal Credit Union checking account.  Homeowners should ask about our home equity loan products for possible tax savings (consult your tax advisor).