Chip Debit and Credit Cards



Chip Debit and Credit Cards

Chip Cards are the latest enhancement to debit or credit card fraud protection. With the increased fraud activity affecting your debit or credit card from breaches or card skimming, chip technology makes duplicating your card even harder. The microchip embedded in the card adds a layer of protection against fraud for purchases made at the point of sale. Information programmed into the chip is personalized for your account and each transaction generates a unique code, adding an extra safeguard against unauthorized use and counterfeiting. 

As a First Federal member you are already protected with a zero liability on all fraudulent activity, but this is an added feature to prevent the hassle of replacing your card in most card compromises.


How Do Chip Debit and Credit Cards Work?

If a merchant is already using a chip-enabled terminal, paying is as easy as:


If the merchant isn’t using a chip-enabled terminal yet, you’ll still be able to “swipe” your card to make your purchase. Chip debit and credit cards are used the same for transactions online or by telephone, so you’ll make payments just as you do today.

For more information about chip cards or if you have not received your new card, please contact our card services at 319.362.3171.



Reset Pin Number

Call 1.800.992.3808 to reset your debit / ATM card pin number. 


Lost or Stolen Debit Cards

If you lose your debit or ATM card or if your card has been stolen, please call customer service immediately at 1.800.472.3272.


Protect Your Cards

To prevent any loss of funds, it is important that you monitor your account to identify any unusual or unauthorized activity. Keep in mind that if you do experience fraud, VISA or MasterCard has a Zero Liability Policy. The cardholder is not financially responsible for fraudulent signature purchases if you report unauthorized changes no later than 60 days after the statement date in which the transaction appeared. 

Protect your debit and/or credit card against unauthorized use of your card while shopping online at participating merchants. Enroll by click the links below to enroll in the service. You will have the added confidence knowing your debit and/or credit cards are protected.

Mobile Banking

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

If your ATM/Debit card is lost or stolen, contact us immediately at 319.362.3171. After regular business hours, please call 1.800.472.3272 to receive immediate assistance