CEO Message

Decisions, decisions!

Our Westdale office is becoming a reality – but not without a lot of discussion, planning, arguing and, of course, budgeting. A group of First Federal employees are deeply involved in planning the office – and together are making the many, many decisions it takes to design a new facility.

From what type of light fixture to colors to carpet samples, wall coverings, parking spaces and even where the trash enclosure is, there seems to be daily decisions that are needed in order to keep the project moving. This is exciting work for the design team – and it is enjoyable to listen to the variety of opinions and perspectives each employee has about the design options.

Each team member understands that every decision is not about individual choices or preferences; rather it’s about creating an office that will maximize the experience for the member as they use our services. The Westdale offices will feature a mix of familiar and new: employees will be familiar but the look will be new.

Additionally new technology will be incorporated that will allow our already fast, convenient services to become even faster and more convenient! Our vision is to create an office that will support our mission today, and in the future. And that is clearly an easy decision. 

As always, stop in and say hi, introduce yourself or even comment on what you want First Federal to do for you!

Tom Chalstrom

President & CEO