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          “Measure twice, cut once” my Dad always used to say. His precision in his workroom was legendary as he built everything from clocks to tables to desks to even the high chairs my children used. Carefully measuring while whispering to himself, he would always study his options before deciding where to make the important cut. The end result displayed his craftsmanship – in no small part to the effort he put into even the smallest details. Even though I did not inherit his carpenter genes, I still apply the lessons he taught me to serve our members. We are constantly measuring and assessing what is working and why; we try to identify where we need to improve and how quickly we can make improvements. No small amount of detail is overlooked: whether what types of loans we’re making to how quickly we answer the phone, the importance of measuring (at least) twice before we act assures we are taking the best course of action to benefit our members. If we continue to measure correctly, we can show that our members will be a cut above the rest!
          Our members can help us measure by completing the annual Member Survey. Check your email Inbox or visit our website at later this month. Your feedback is important!
          As always, stop in and say hi, introduce yourself or even comment on what you want First Federal to do for you!

Tom Chalstrom

President & CEO