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I’m not much of a cook – o.k., true confession, I don’t cook at all. I do admire those that have a talent for cooking – especially those that seem to be able to whip up a tasty meal with whatever ingredients are in reach. The best cooks look in the cupboard or refrigerator, figure out what they have to use and create something that is truly special. In the credit union world, our First Federal employees are those special ingredients that are used to create something special. These past few months can be compared to preparing a seven course meal: all the special ingredients are needed and used in different ways. Our employees have been asked to move locations, fill different or multiple roles and learn new duties while meeting the needs of our members. Just like the ingredients in that meal, the skills of each employees are mixed together in order to create a special member experience - every day. Despite the changes, relocations and the disruptions, our employees have not lost the focus on meeting the needs of our members. I am proud of our employees in how they have met the special challenges we have faced this year. Each employee in their own way has accepted the circumstances and have focused on our members rather than any individual inconvenience. I think our members will agree that is the secret ingredient in our organization. And that is a recipe for success!

As always, stop in and say hi, introduce yourself or even comment on what you want First Federal to do for you!


Tom Chalstrom

President & CEO