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During the weeks our lives were so disrupted by the COVID-19 shutdown, there were many times I was frustrated by the lack of a ‘regular’ schedule. I have been so used to a busy lifestyle full of work, volunteer and social commitments, it has been hard for me to realize that maybe living at a different pace has its own benefits. This was reinforced during a recent employee meeting when our employees shared the ‘good’ things that have resulted from the abrupt changes in our lives. They mentioned taking more walks, meeting neighbors for the first time, or having the opportunity to work with different employees. In my own personal case, I have been able to read more than I have in years – something I truly enjoy. Most of the examples our employees gave are things that were commonplace during the first few decades of First Federal’s existence. There was a time when it was ‘normal’ to visit with your neighbors on a regular basis or to spend a Sunday afternoon with a good book. Just like it was “normal” to expect your credit union to be there for you to help meet your financial needs, whether it was to help finance that first car or new home, or to help you save towards retirement. Certainly life has sped up since then – even in this “slower” COVID-19 world - but you can be assured that your credit union still is prepared to help you meet those same financial needs. Whatever your speed of life happens to be, we will adapt to provide the products, the services, and the way of meeting your financial needs to the pace that is right for you. As always, stop in and say hi, introduce yourself or even comment on what you want First Federal to do for you

Tom Chalstrom

President & CEO