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I recently had the privilege of working with a small group of community leaders, none over the age of 30. Among the topics we were discussing was the habits and attitudes they have developed over money. Their money attitudes have been influenced by family, culture, and the media while their habits have been influenced by their attitudes. These leaders provided their thoughts and perspectives, which ranged from good money management practices like planning and security to a carefree, things-will-work-out approach. No one in the group expressed confidence that what they were doing was ‘right’. This is not unlike what we see with our members every day. We work with our members to create good money management practices; in some cases we can make a big difference in their lives. Whether it is structuring a bill consolidation loan to assist borrowers struggling with debt to the creation of a ‘cd ladder’ that helps a member take advantage of the entire savings rate curve, we consistently engage with our members to help their financial success. Most important, we recognize that everyone has different habits and attitudes – so it is critical that our employees take the time to listen and respond in order to provide the best options for each member. Hopefully, these options turn into the best solutions! We have been working with our members this way for over 90 years – a habit that we never want to change! 

As always, stop in and say hi, introduce yourself or even comment on what you want First Federal to do for you!

Tom Chalstrom

President & CEO